How it Works

Lambda School trains people online to be software engineers at no up-front cost.

Instead of paying tuition, students can agree to pay a percentage of their income after they're employed, and only if they're making more than $50k per year.

If you don't find a job, or don't reach that level of income, you'll never pay a cent.

How Tuition Works

There are no up-front costs required to attend Lambda School; we only get paid when you do. Once you’re earning at least $50k per year you’ll pay back 17% of your income for the first two years.

Total tuition possible is capped at a maximum of $30k, so no matter how much you’re getting paid the most you could possibly pay is $30k.

Alternatively, you may opt to pay a tuition of $20k up-front with no income-based repayment.

Lambda Curriculum

The Lambda Academy of Web Development

Lambda students learn Web Foundations such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, GIT and UI Principles as well as Web Application Development through the React Ecosystem and HTTP/AJAX. Back End Development is integrated in with Node.js, Express, SQL, SQLite, and OAuth.

The Lambda Academy of Web Development trains students not only to deploy simple applications, but to understand what is happening under the hood.


Live Video Classes

Take live, structured classes from the convenience of wherever, with instant, one-on-one help. Lambda School classes take place online, in a virtual classroom with your instructors and fellow learners.

Slack with Instructors and TAs

Help is just a short message away. Instructors and teacher assistants are available during class times to answer questions right away, so your learning never has to be put on pause while waiting for help.

“Lambda teaches you the value of learning.”

“Since starting Lambda School in August, I've never thought I could gain this much knowledge in such a short period of time! I've noticed that I'm now able to learn new things a lot easier than I did before.”

Roland Canuto, Computer Science